Call to Action – June 24, 2020

CALL TO ACTION! Your voice is needed to help the Village obtain its fair share of federal funding allocated by McHenry County for transportation projects in local communities. Without your help, we risk not receiving our fair share.BACKGROUND:

  • Last Fall, McHenry County announced plans to allocate federal transportation funds to selected communities and asked interested communities to submit a proposal for projects needing funding. The pot of money was greater than normal and the county anticipated having enough money for every community to complete at least one major project. Spring Grove submitted a request for $1.5MM for much needed upgrades and repair for Winn Road. Winn Road is a major thoroughfare for our Village and a main entry point to other communities in our county.
  • Earlier this month, the county released its funding plan. Spring Grove is allocated to receive ONLY about $480,000 of the $1.5MM requested. This will not make a dent in the project cost and we will most likely not be able to start the project.
  • Even more disappointing, a community to our south received total funding, $3,000,000 which will allow them to fully fund two projects. The county states that funding these two projects will use up too much of the federal pot and, so, Spring Grove – the smaller community, with less voters – ends up on the short end. Unfortunately this is a pattern we have seen in the past.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: The good news is that this plan is not final. There is a 30 day public comment period which is our chance to make our voice heard as a community.  You can tell the county that you want our fair share of the federal funding so that our community can continue to grow and prosper.

a. It’s time the county supports ALL communities with needs – not just the larger voting blocks. b. Winn Road provides not only a main thoroughfare for Spring Grove residents, but is also an entry point to the rest of the county. c. Winn Road is also a vital route servicing major businesses which provide economic benefit to all county communities, not just Spring Grove. d. Ask the county to reconsider its allocation to Spring Grove and provide the full $1.5MM required to complete this project.
The residents of Spring Grove have a good history of stepping up for their community. Some of you will remember the very competitive process we needed to go through in order to obtain a grant to fix up the fish hatchery property and turn it into our beautiful Hatchery Park. As a result of our combined voices, we won that competition against much larger communities and we now have a beautiful addition to our community to show for it. Let’s use that voice again and get the money we need to keep Spring Grove vibrant and growing.