The Village asks everyone to respect the property of others when driving to the snowmobile trails that are marked and maintained by local clubs. Snowmobiles are allowed to travel in the village right of way at a speed not to exceed 15 MPH. Please yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and come to a complete stop before crossing a road. It is unlawful to drive a snowmobile on private property without the consent of property owners and using the trails when they are closed is considered trespassing. Local snowmobile clubs have worked many years to obtain, mark, maintain and groom all of the trails. Our local clubs want and need your support and help. Contact the Spring Grove SnoGrovers at 815-385-1947 or the Richmond Trailblazers for more information.

The operation of snowmobiles in the village is prohibited between the hours of 11pm and 7am Sunday-Thursday and midnight to 7am on Friday and Saturday. For trail conditions call the McHnery County Hotline at 815-334-7669.